Sunday, 13 December 2015 11:00

BMS Seatowage BV adds converted hybrid tug to fleet

Foto Ruud Zegwaard| Foto Ruud Zegwaard|

Dutch towage contractor BMS Seatowage BV at Zierikzee has a new addition to its fleet in the form of the hybrid tug conversion SIL-JESKE-B built for Koedood BV by Shipyard Kooiman. Koedood supplied both the main and auxiliary engines and the electric motor/generator for the tug which has a bollard pull of 24 tons. SIL-JESKE-B has been completely rebuilt, including lengthening and widening, from an existing conventionally powered tug. In addition to the traditional mechanical diesel propulsion the tug is also equipped with electric motors driving the propellers. A combined diesel direct plus electric propulsion provides the maximum bollard pull for the vessel.
(Source: Maritime Journal; Photo: Vesseltracker)