Saturday, 09 May 2015 16:42

Tug RT ENTERPRISE delivered

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April 27th 2015, the RT ENTERPRISE, being the latest of a series of four ART 80-32 Rotortugs®, was delivered by Cheoy Lee Shipyards Ltd to her new owner Elisabeth Ltd. The first two of these 85 tons bollard pull, Robert Allan Ltd design Rotortugs®, started operations in the iron ore export port of Port Hedland, Australia. With the charter of the RT ENTERPRISE, the total number of Rotortugs® deployed in Port Hedland is eleven. The ART80-32 embodies 16 years of consolidated operator experience providing a high-performance platform accommodating a range of towage requirements. Port Hedland's strategic position warrants the deployment of the best possible towage solution to navigate the long and narrow channel with laden tidal bound Capesize bulkers."The new ART's are performing very well in all conditions and I am very impressed ""The Rotortug® system is the best system around, but is assessed by the performance of the tug in everyday operations. This performance is very much influenced by the building standards. The international building standards of Cheoy Lee Shipyards Ltd ensure excellent performance of the Port Hedland Rotortugs®." The ART80-32 Rotortugs® provide the industry with new benchmark performances with 110 metric tons recorded steering force operating indirect – and 80 metric tons combined mode at 8 knots, safely escorting the bulk carriers through the channel. Rotortug B.V. is the company specializing in the design and marketing of the world wide patented Rotor tug design. The Rotortug® distinguishes itself from the conventional ASD, Tractor or Voith Schneider designs by using a triangular propulsion configuration. The excellent maneuverability of this type of tug is superior to all other conventional designs. The Rotortug® has been recognized as the preferred tugboat design in many port over the world.


KOTUG video about the 4 tugs in Port Hedland, Australia