Thursday, 16 October 2014 01:52

‘Walk-to-work’ vessel launched succesfully

Kroonborg Wagenborg Walk-to-Work-schipOn October the 6th the 'Walk-to-Work' vessel Kroonborg was launched successfully at shipyard Royal Niestern Sander. The 'Walk-to-Work' vessel will support the maintenance and service activities of NAM/Shell UK for the upcoming 10 years in the Southern North Sea. The new concept, which will provide accommodation for up to 60 people has been designed to provide a workspace, storage, hotel and a means of transport to and from offshore platforms, which will enable offshore activities on production platforms to be executed more safely, efficiently, effectively and in a more productive manner. This DP2 vessel is equipped with motion compensated elements, such as an offshore access system and a deck crane, a package of 'start-up' and intervention equipment and a deck area of 500m2. The vessel is expected to be delivered February 2015.


(Source: Wagenborg; Photo: Henk Zuur)